The Benefits You Can Have From Installing A Keypad Door Entry System

It's important to provide an access control system that can manage the building's complex needs and users for more security-sensitive applications or companies with a high employee turnover rate. A keypad door entry often plays a significant role in this area. Mechanical keys can be lost, stolen or copied, but a password or pin avoids this risk.

Some door access keypads have access control features such as audit trails, multiple authority levels, and the ability to programme thousands of unique access codes or multiple schedules to limit access times for individual users. Besides that, keypad door entry has several benefits to offer, which are:

Added security

A keypad door entry is more secure than traditional locks. Automatic lock systems remove the potential safety concerns that come with keyed entry. There is a significantly lower possibility of burglars picking or forcing entry with automatic locks.

Difficult to duplicate

A door access keypad's key fob is hard to duplicate. This makes the access system much more reliable than physical keys. You will never know how many unauthorised copies have been made - or who is in possession of them - as long as traditional locks and keys are used to secure your sites.

More control

Opting for a door access control keypad is beneficial, especially if you have a business with high turnover or always hand your keys to someone else. With smart locks, you have more control over who has access to your property. Automated locks ensure that nobody, aside from those of your choosing, will have the ability to enter your home. There is no more need to worry about who still has a set of working keys to your property.


A door access control keypad has a lot of unique features to offer. You can customise the exact level of protection that is right for you. Whether that is cylindrical latches, deadbolts, dead latches or mortises, keyless locks enable the user to choose what is best.


The costs of re-keying physical locks may not seem relevant, but they add up over time, especially in multi-family homes or office buildings. A door access keypad doesn't need too much maintenance, making it more cost-effective than traditional locks. Another cost-effective aspect of no-cylinder locks is that they don't always require door frame modifications; they can just be applied to the door in some cases. What's more, they can also be easier to maintain, install, replace and integrate.

Convenience of a keyless system

The biggest advantage is convenience. It eliminates the necessity of keys. You don't need to worry or stress about having them. Children, guests and service providers can be given their code or a temporary code, rather than a key.

Easy installation

Many property owners think that if they want to install a keypad lock, they'll have to make major adjustments to the door or frames. That's not true. You can easily install a door access keypad on a standard door, similar to a traditional lock installation. Mechanical and battery-powered keypad locks are available which don't require connection to a power source.

Integration with access control systems

If you have an access control system, this type of lock is the way to go. This allows companies to restrict entry permission, even when using a correct code, during certain hours of the day or night. Businesses can also place a keypad entry system within the interior of a building. This restricts access to certain parts of the facility. It's handy for business owners who want to limit employee access to certain parts of an office complex during certain times of the day.

Given are the benefits you can have from installing a keypad door entry, whether for your business or home. With this, you can see exactly who is entering and exiting your property. If you have an automated security system, you can receive alerts on your smartphone or through email whenever a door is opened or closed.

You can also assign different codes to different family members. Plus, you can deactivate a code at any time. That means you can delete a pin or password anytime. So, if you don't have much in your home or company yet, get one from a reputable supplier to enjoy the advantages mentioned above.

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